South Windsor Edition

The DeAngelis-Heafey Family

I have known this family for a pretty long time and was thrilled when Grace said that she wanted to be a part of this project. We’ve run into each other during cheerleading and theater as our kids were interested in some of the same activities. The #Frontstepsproject is about family and togetherness, and Grace, Riley and Regan epitomize this. They were all so excited to be photographed together and to show the world how much they love each other.

Please tell us how this time has affected you and your family either in a positive and/or negative manner?

We have been able to have more time together as a family and more time to rest. We are so used to running between practices /activities, and this has forced some much needed down time. The girls are enjoying each other’s company, taking walks and bike rides, and just relaxing more.

What is one of your favorite memories or stories that happened during this time which includes your family and/or friends?

We were on our first family trip to Disney when the schools shut down. Since we were there for one of Rileys cheer competitions, all of the cheerleaders and their families were able to stay in Magic Kingdom for extra hours on the last night the lark was open. We will never forget that! We enjoyed a day in Rhode Island for a nice change of scenery so we could look at the water and see the sunset.

What are some of the things that your family has done to cope with the new way of life? IE: school, work, family time etc.

Riley and Reagan take almost daily walks and/or bike rides to get fresh air and spend time together. They especially enjoy walking through the trails to Nevers to watch the sunset. We have done some yard projects, participated in many birthday and graduation car drive-by parades, enjoyed some visits from the Kona Ice Truck while being socially distant, and have binge watched many shows. Both of the girls have enjoyed crafting and talking with friends and participating in Zoom practices while keeping up with their schoolwork. We are missing spending time with extended family, so we take trips for the girls to play basketball 🏀 while their grandparents chat with them from their deck or porch. Getting to see them, even from a distance, is very important.

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