It’s Lacrosse Time in South Windsor!

So as we wait for spring to arrive, and we all know that it’s taking it’s sweet time here in New England, the kids start getting ready for spring sports.  One of the popular spring sports in South Windsor is Lacrosse.  When I was at South Windsor High School in the 80’s, Lacrosse didn’t exist.  When my son came home from 3rd grade and said he wanted to play Lacrosse, I was excited that we would be introduced to a new sport.  My older daughter had a bunch of friends who played Lacrosse and really wanted her brother to be a LAX bro!!  Jesse is in his third year of Lacrosse with the South Windsor Boys Lacrosse league and we couldn’t be happier with the group of kids, parents, coaches and league volunteers.  This group works hard to not only teach the kids the sport of Lacrosse, but good sportsmanship and safety in sports.

I was asked to photograph the opening night celebrations and it was a great night.  You know how at the end of a sport you end up missing those great people that you bonded with all season long?  Well, when I walked into the gym, those faces were all threre, smiling, laughing, waving and shouting hello’s to people that they may simply be their neighbors or they haven’t seen since last spring season.  Lacrosse in South Windsor in a good place to be, a great place to learn and a wonderful place to make long lasting friendships, whether you are a parent or a kid!  You can find more information on South Windsor Lacrosse at Come on down and watch a game…You’ll be hooked!!!

opening night

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