South Windsor Edition

The Stuck Family

I love meeting new people and Karen has to be one of the sweetest and nicest people around. Within a matter of a few phone calls and chats, I already feel like I’ve know her forever. Her family is amazing. I see such love and friendship in their relationship with each other. During this time that is so important! So thankful to have made such wonderful new friends!

Please tell us how this time has affected you and your family either in a positive and/or negative manner?

This whole pandemic really gave our family sometime to sit back and realize what’s important in life. Between covid 19 and my husbands quintuplet bypass heart surgery in February it forces us to slow down. It’s not the materialist stuff that matters, it’s the memories you make with the ones you love.

What is one of your favorite memories or stories that happened during this time which includes your family and/or friends?

We have certainly done a lot of hikes,bike rides, and family stuff. Hayley has done a ton of baking (not helping us with the waistline) but it’s definitely delicious!!

What are some of the things that your family has done to cope with the new way of life? IE: school, work, family time etc

We just go with the flow now, it’s nice not to have to race all over the place etc. however we do miss seeing everyone and with Hayley graduating fifth grade this year it’s been hard for her to lose out on so much. However we are making the best of it. It’s nice to sit down as a family and have dinner.

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