South Windsor Edition

The Murphy Family

Lennore called me and we spoke for a long time catching up because my daughter had coached her daughter in SW Youth Cheer. I was thrilled that she chose to be a part of this project. Her family was absolutely fun and wonderful to work with. I love when she told me that her mom would be involved too. Generations are something that I love and believe in. This project is able to capture the love and strength that families portray.

Please tell us how this time has affected you and your family either in a positive and/or negative manner?

Positive – we are grateful to both still be working, mornings are more peaceful, kids getting up on own, making breakfast and doing long distance learning, we are not rushing to get out the front door before/after school. Happy to have everyone under one roof, playing board games, family time. Negative – worry about my family getting sick especially my mom 71 who lives with me and has underlying condition.

What is one of your favorite memories or stories that happened during this time which includes your family and/or friends?

My daughter turned 16 and had a birthday parade that her friends organized definitely seeing her happiness and surprise!!

What are some of the things that your family has done to cope with the new way of life? IE: school, work, family time etc.

Family board game night, family walks at Nevers and in our neighborhood, few trips to see water, house projects, movie nights and laughing finding the positive

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