South Windsor Edition

The Mahan Family

Nikki contacted me to participate in the #frontstepsproject but asked if we could do their session sooner than later. Their family dog was elderly and they were making a very hard decision. I’m so thankful that through this project we could give them some wonderful memories.

Please tell us how this time has affected you and your family either in a positive and/or negative manner?

On a positive note, it has definitely given us more time at home together, and slowed down our daily pace. We miss the participation in and/or attending of spring sports.

What is one of your favorite memories or stories that happened during this time which includes your family and/or friends?

This project! 🙂

What are some of the things that your family has done to cope with the new way of life? IE: school, work, family time etc.

We each chose a dedicated space to “work” and communicate when we may have “meetings” so need things to be quieter around us. We have gotten ALOT of cleaning and yard work accomplished as a family! 🙂

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Connecticut Based Professional Photographer with a studio located in South Windsor. Services offered are professional portraiture, event photography, high school senior photography, college senior photography and elderly portraiture. Don't forget about the pets too! We love them all but draw the lines at spiders!

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