So, It’s Only Been A Year!

Now I really, really promise that I am going to blog once a week to prove to myself that I do so many things that are really interesting and that I am not just a taxicab to bring my kids back and forth to events!  Some of you may know that I am lucky enough to be a part of a really great association the Connecticut Professional Photographers Association (CTPPA).  I am the VP of Programs and have the really cool job of hiring the talent for our membership to learn from.  I also have the job of coming up with really cool events to bring the membership together!  I just dropped off our Fall All Day Speaker, the talented and wonderful Sam Gardner from Oxnard, CA.  He has been in Connecticut since Saturday and was headed home today to his lovely new wife, Patricia.  Before going to the airport, I had the pleasure of taking Sam on a little photo safari so he could photograph the fall colors.  To my surprise, he photographed me too!!  We took a walk through Northwest Park in Windsor, CT.  It’s been a long time since I walked through a park without a camera in my hand and truly looked at everything around me.  It was a real cool treat to be photographed through his eyes, as I truly hate to have my picture taken.  But watching him work and seeing him look at a place that sits right under my nose, gave me inspiration!    When he sends me my picture I will post it up so everyone can see what a great place New England is to be in the fall!  Until next week….

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Connecticut Based Professional Photographer with a studio located in South Windsor. Services offered are professional portraiture, event photography, high school senior photography, college senior photography and elderly portraiture. Don't forget about the pets too! We love them all but draw the lines at spiders!

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