Chef Jeremy wins national contest!

 Chef Jeremy has been a longtime client of the studio and we have been photographing him since he was born!  When it came time for his 18 month pictures, I knew I wanted to do something different for him and since Jeremy’s uncle is a chef and bought him this great chef’s outfit for him.  Since I knew how expressive Jeremy is I decided to go all out and set the stage with real spaghetti, real tomatoes, real garlic and let him go to town! 

We were also lucky that Sandy Puc’, a nationally known speaker and professional photographer from Colorado was coming through Hartford on her tour “Creative Edge Kids” and was sponsoring a photography contest.  We entered Jeremy’s picture in the contest and I was absolutely thrilled that Jeremy’s image won.   This past Wednesday, one of Jeremy’s prizes was that he got to model live for the seminar and he did great! 

Congratulations to Jeremy and his parents Christie and Jeff!  Thanks so much for letting me capture the best memories of Jeremy! 

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