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Every day I wake up and say “I have to work on my Blog”! But enter life and all the things that come with it. On March 23, 2008 (which happened to be easter) I lost my Mom after her courageous battle with diabetes and all the debilitating diseases that go along with it. I always said to myself, I wonder what would be worse….the physical illnesses or the mental illnesses. I never thought that less than 6 months after my mother passed that I would find out. My father, a graduate level professor, and alumni of RPI in Troy NY would show signs of vascular dementia. He taught Mechanical Engineering at Rensaleer at Hartford, a school that he help start from the ground up in the 1960’s right here in South Windsor, CT. He started showing signs of forgetfulness and wanting to sleep all the time. He also would forget to eat, but we were lucky that he never forgot his family. So at this time, I have now become an orphan,(Dad passed away on September 3,2010..Labor Day Weekend) but have been very lucky that both my parents instilled a strong sense of right and wrong, confidence and faith in me, so that I could carry on the tradition for my children. Now you probably are wondering….what the heck does that have to do with photography….isn’t this woman a professional photographer? Well, because of the time that I had to take away from my business to care for my parents, instead of moping around and grieving for them, I feel as though they are now pushing me to do my best. I have been photographing kids, events and people the last month and the images are amazing. Before, when they were sick, I had no confidence and worried all the time what people would think of my work, but now, knowing the “mom and dad” are up there, guiding me, I love the images that I have started creating!! I can wait to make more!!

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Connecticut Based Professional Photographer with a studio located in South Windsor. Services offered are professional portraiture, event photography, high school senior photography, college senior photography and elderly portraiture. Don't forget about the pets too! We love them all but draw the lines at spiders!

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